wedding makeup FAQ's

What happens at the initial consultation practice session?

The consultation is not timed but I suggest allowing 2hrs for the brides and 1hr per bridal party member. The consultation will need to be carried out during the day because daylight gives the truest reflection of how the makeup will look. I create face charts with in-depth notes of every member of the bridal party so I know exactly what I am doing on the wedding day.

What should you wear at the trial?

Please come wearing a soft neutral colour. Think about the neckline of the dress, if you have a top that is a similar shape it would be helpful. It will help you envisage the finished look!

How will you know the plan for the wedding morning?

The wedding day is discussed at the consultation and I provide the bride with a timetable for the morning so she has a clear idea of the makeup running time. I will incorporate the hairstylists times, find out if the photographer needs time with the bride for formal photographs (this will mean getting ready earlier) what style the wedding dress is and how long it takes to get into. Timing is so important on the morning of the wedding and the last thing I would want is to have to rush. I explain that I would allow 45 minutes for each member of the bridal party and 60 minutes for the bride, who I always leave until last

How do I help the bride find her makeup look?

The most important thing is to enhance natural beauty and create flawless skin; the rest is listening to my client’s needs and then building upon that to design their perfect wedding look.

I have the skill to apply the makeup and give advise but when a bride has her bridal look in mind I will try and recreate it in a way that works for that client. Equally if a bride has no idea, I am happy to take the reins and use my experience to help her find a look that she feels comfortable and beautiful wearing.

What Makeup Brands do you use?

It’s the client’s responsibility to make Lucy aware of any known allergies or skin sensitivities that they or their bridal party may have. On the rare occasion that any of the bridal party have any contagious skin infections, Lucy will refuse treatment. Skin conditions should be reported by the client to Lucy prior to application. If need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction. Lucy recommends a consultation for this reason.

*The client agrees to release Lucy Jayne Brown, from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.

All brushes, tools and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitised between every makeup application. 


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