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Vintage Bride Inspiration

It is always lovely to hear from my brides after their big day, I have kept in touch with Lisa and it is great to hear how busy she has been with her new business since getting married.  Her vintage style and her creativity when it came to her wedding were amazing and so interesting I am not surprised this is the path she has gone down, and I am sure it won’t be long until she has a cute little vintage shop somewhere. Her custom-made bouquet that played a big part in her day was simply beautiful I am sure I will have future brides telling me about their bespoke bouquets from Mrs. Fox’s Finery!

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“It was around seven months before the wedding (to my wonderful wife who puts up with me) that I started looking for a make-up artist. I was already thirteen months into planning the day and the wedding scrapbook had turned into two. I had my dress, the bouquet that I had made myself, and perhaps most importantly the shoes. It’s safe to say I was a woman on a mission.

Hand Made Bouquet and Molono Blahnik Wedding Shoes.
What amazing shoes! The bouquet was handmade by Lisa!