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Bridal Makeup Trial – 7 ways to get the best experience.
bridal makeup trial


bridal makeup trial

How to prepare for your bridal makeup trial.

Here are some handy tips for brides to consider when booking a bridal makeup consultation & trial. 

What is the difference between a consultation and trial? 

Your bridal makeup appointment will last approximately two hours and the consultation and trial are normally done at the same appointment. 

The Consultation

All of your makeup requirements will be discussed, you and your artist will look at any inspiration you may have. This is also a good time to go through your wedding day timings and put together the running times of the morning. 

The Trial

This is the full run-through of your wedding day makeup, the artist will apply the makeup in the way they think you want to look. It may be perfect on the first go but with your guidance, changes can be made and eyelashes applied if required. You shouldn’t leave disheartened so please voice any concerns if you are not 100% happy. Makeup artists are perfectionists and people pleasers so we want you to love everything about your experience. We want you to tell us if something isn’t right.

If you can book your hair and makeup on the same day it is helpful seeing your bridal beauty look come together. I recommend booking early with your makeup artist and hairstylist and hopefully if the dates work you can be accommodated on the same trial day.

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