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2016 wedding industry awards

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards

Getting recognition for doing something you absolutely adore is such a wonderful feeling! I was nominated by one of my brides for the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards. I thought I would apply and see how far I could get! The awards for this area cover the whole of the South East (this includes London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent) so I knew the competition would be really tough being amongst some fab MUA’s.

I couldn’t believe it but I was shortlisted as a Regional Finalist (thanks to my bride’s votes and kind words) so myself and my mum went to the awards ceremony to do some networking. Keeping everything crossed that I might win and not go into labour at the same time. Lol!

wedding industry awards

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to be a winner this year, but the ladies that did (I.D. Beauty/Sussex) were so good, it was well deserved.

wedding industry awards regional finalist

Here is what it’s all about for me when my name wasn’t called I didn’t feel sad – I was so excited. I knew that I would now be able to access the incredible testimonials that my brides had given me and I couldn’t wait!!

Here is what they thought about me and my service as a makeup artist on their special day. This is why I

Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie

Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie

My last fashion makeup job pre maternity leave was with my fave – Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie, shooting for their Winter Luxe Collection. It’s always so much fun working with a lovely girly team so with the edition of one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten, was a damn good day at the office! Saying that it might not have been the best thing to be working on when you are the size of a small house with a beautiful pixie-like model, casually frolicking in on a freshly made bed…

All I can say is thank god for the cake – I can worry about my post baby body goals another day lol!

lucy jayne makeup baby bump

I am lucky enough to work with this brand a lot and is my first recommendation when my brides are looking for something a bit special in the bridal lingerie department.

In fact I was adorned with beautiful Ell and Cee goodies on my wedding day last November and it made me feel so glamorous getting ready for my wedding prep. Here are a few piccies… Ah the memories!

Ell and cee silk gown
ell and cee silk dressing gown
ell and cee garter
ell and cee bespoke silk knickers

Back to the shoot & fabulous bridal lingerie…..

“Ell & Cee is a luxe British Lingerie & Lounge brand. The signature look is deliciously feminine with a modern bohemian edge. Garments are made from the finest silks and chiffons to ensure the best quality and are manufactured in the UK

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Bridal Inspiration: My Glamorous Wedding Makeup (2014)

My Bridal Style: My glamorous wedding makeup

I always knew I would do my own makeup, my main worry was my skin but thank goodness it was looking good on the day – hallelujah! I enjoy doing my own makeup and it’s my profession so I felt pretty casual about it… This was until I had to actually do it on the day!!
I was fine doing my mums and maid of honours makeup and it even helped me zone out a bit, but when it came to doing mine my nerves really got to me.

I felt quite panicky when I should have been calm and sadly it felt like a bit of an endurance, I just wanted it over and done with so I could focus on having fun with my bridal party. I was really

1940s bridal makeup tutorial

Glamorous 1940s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Glamorous 1940s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

This look is really glamorous and perfect for the brides that love a dramatic eye… I don’t think you should really hold back on the lips and cheeks either! You know they say you should only accentuate two of your features ( lips & eyes/cheeks & eyes/cheeks & lips), well I don’t think that really applies to this look! 

Heres how to go glam 40s without going OTT!

To create a good base for your eye shadow, apply a cream shadow from the eyelid to brow bone. This neutralises the eyelid and helps shadows and pigments stay put.

I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly