Every makeup artist needs a great set of brushes. If you have your own that

Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy FAQ’s

Q. Will Lucy Jayne be teaching us?

A. Always, unless she is unable to due to sickness, in which case the course will be rescheduled.

Q. Do I need prior experience?

A. Experience is not essential just a passion for makeup! 

Q. Does the course teach me all I need to know?

A. The courses are great as a starting point for budding makeup artists or for established makeup artists to update their skills, but as a makeup artist, you are always learning.

Q. Can I start work as a makeup artist straight away?

A. It depends on your prior experience and confidence but if you have the determination there is nothing to stop you. Lucy will give you the tools you need to set up your business on day 4 of the Art of Bridal Beauty. You will be photographed ‘behind the scenes’ and your completed makeup looks so you have some great work to kick-start your portfolio.

Q. Is there any support or help after the course is completed?

A. Of course, you will always be welcome at the Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy if you ever need our advise or support. It would also be great to hear from you to celebrate your successes as you embark into your makeup career! You will gain new makeup friends from your class and also on  Lucy’ private networking group that is available for all past students. A welcoming LJ Makeup community and there is ALWAYS support and advise for all past students, as well as job and assisting opportunities. 

Q. What qualification will I get from the course?

A. Professional Beauty has assessed the courses and teaching methods at the Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy. They have approved our courses to be insured and you will receive an accredited certificate. Insurance is crucial for pro and student makeup artists. Your certificate will be required to obtain your chosen insurance and is also part of the criteria needed to obtain professional discounts… This will all be discussed in your course!

frequently asked questions
Q. How many other students will there be?

A. It will be small classes so there won’t be more than 6.

Q. How old do I need to be to start the course?

A. The starting age is 16.

Q. What is included in the college kit and do I have to buy it?

A. All makeup products and disposables will be supplied at the academy. 

Every makeup artist needs a great set of brushes. If you have your own that