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What is Airbrushing?

What is Airbrush Foundation?

Airbrushing can be Interpreted in many different ways…

When I speak to my brides during their makeup consultation they say they want to look airbrushed. I have come to understand what they mean is flawless and to have skin like the brides on Pinterest or out of a magazine.

I get where this idea comes from, but honestly, the pictures in magazines have been edited to look that flawless! It’s not real life!

No one will look like that even with the most skilled makeup artist. Unfortunately, if the skin has texture, makeup wont make it disappear. Makeup can certainly make it look more flawless but perfection isn’t possible. If the model’s skin is naturally good, it won’t be edited/airbrushed as much compared to skin with a lot of texture (bumpy spots, scars, hair etc). Either way, the final beauty or fashion image would have perfect skin and makeup.

Please see this example:

what is airbrushing

Natural photoshop editing. Blemish removal and contrast.


So that’s the effect of being airbrushed by phone app or a photoshop programme. Being airbrushed with makeup is the same idea but the method is very different!


The Airbrush Makeup Method:


There are types of foundation that claim to give an Airbrushed finish but the real way is with an airbrush gun, compressor and a specific airbrush foundation.

Airbrushing uses the power of compressed air to mist foundation gently across your skin using a very liquid airbrush foundation. The foundation is layered on the skin in thin layers, allowing the finish to be very sheer or a fuller coverage.


Benefits of Airbrush Foundation:


Although some think that airbrush makeup will be heavy giving the illusion of the magazine airbrushed look (as explained above). It is actually the exact opposite! Airbrush makeup allows your skin to radiate through the makeup allowing it to look very natural. Any imperfections (under-eye darkness, spot cover-up etc) can be concealed with your favourite concealer prior to the airbrush application. Airbrushing evens out skin tone, giving a blurred soft focus look to your makeup, allowing your skin to look naturally flawless.

what is airbrush foundation

bridal makeup lesson

Here you can see beautiful results with airbrush foundation. (Light to medium coverage and still able to see freckles.)

Using airbrush foundation you can easily build up layers to achieve a fuller coverage and the beauty of this method is the layers can also include blush, highlight and contour. Airbrush makeup should have a flawless, semi-matte finish.

Before and after bridal makeup by lucy jayne

The foundation formula is normally silicone-based which helps to cover lines, pores and imperfections. Other airbrush formulas can be water and oil-based.

The layers of the fine silicone-based formula are water and transfer-resistant which means it?s resistant to sweat and tears. It’s perfect bridal makeup application for all-day wear. I guarantee 10 hours, but my clients say it lasts longer! 

When using airbrush foundation all other skin prep would be the same as with any foundation application. Prep the skin according to the skin type i.e. For oily skin use an oil-controlling moisturiser and a mattifying primer.

Adjust the skin prep for the finish you want i.e. If the client wants a real glow, use an illuminating primer and you can add a ‘glow’ with the airbrush highlighter.




Hygienic: The airbrush never directly touches the face, preventing cross-contamination.

Suitable of all skin types: Especially good for sensitive skin as reduces skin sensitivity and airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic.

Versatile: Can be used for many different aspects i.e. make-up, body paint, hair colour…

As an artist, I love using my airbrush to create beautiful skin but equally, I have always had a place in my repertoire for traditional foundations. Personally I don’t like to think one method is better than another especially when so many traditional foundations come in so many formulas!

Any makeup can make you the prettiest version of yourself you can be, it doesn't have to be airbrush and there are many times it isn't. The correct application for your own personal needs is more important.

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bridal makeup trial

Bridal Makeup Trial – 7 ways to get the best experience.

How to prepare for your bridal makeup trial.

bridal makeup trial
Bridal makeup trial and how it translates to the wedding day

Here are some handy tips for brides to consider when booking a bridal makeup consultation & trial. 

Lucy Jayne

What is the difference between a consultation and bridal makeup trial? 


Your bridal makeup appointment will last approximately two hours and the consultation and trial are normally done at the same appointment. 


The Consultation


All of your makeup requirements will be discussed, you and your artist will look at any inspiration you may have. This is also a good time to go through your wedding day timings and put together the running times of the morning. 


The Trial


This is the full run-through of your wedding day makeup, the artist will apply the makeup in the way they think you want to look. It may be perfect on the first go but with your guidance, changes can be made and eyelashes applied if required. You shouldn’t leave disheartened so please voice any concerns if you are not 100% happy. Makeup artists are perfectionists and people pleasers so we want you to love everything about your experience. We want you to tell us if something isn’t right.

If you can book your hair and makeup on the same day it is helpful seeing your bridal beauty look come together. I recommend booking early with your makeup artist and hairstylist and hopefully if the dates work you can be accommodated on the same trial day.

Find a Look that is You

Before social media was huge, brides used to ‘scrapbook’ makeup and hair looks from magazines which were so cute. Now life is so much easier with Pinterest if you haven’t discovered the rabbit hole of inspiration you should take a look! It’s easy to make mood-boards of the different aspects of your wedding so it’s always handy to bring along any inspiration you have. whether it’s a makeup board of one picture or 20 it doesn’t matter. It helps your artist visualise your bridal look a get a feel of the day. We love to see photos of your wedding dress, colour scheme, bridesmaid dresses, hairstyle at your bridal makeup trial.

Get inspired

Wedding blogs are great for inspiration!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the following popular wedding blogs:

Free-spirited & Bohemian Brides

Festival Brides

More classic and romantic brides

Love My Dress

Alternative and quirky

Rock N Roll Bride

Beauty Treatments

Are you thinking of glamming up by having a spray tan or semi-permanent lashes? When it comes to your skin colour after having a spray tan, I can always colour match your colour if it changes by the wedding day. However, it’s going to be helpful for you to see how the makeup looks on the skin tone you plan to have on the wedding day. For example in the winter my skin is fair and my natural undertones are pink (cool), but when I have a tan-especially a fake tan, they change to yellow (warm). This will have an effect on the overall finished makeup look.

Semi-permanent lashes are never an issue if that’s the type of lash you like. I do provide the option of strip or individual lash that you can try at your trial. I will say that things can get a little tricky when it comes to LVL Lash Lifts. It a treatment that looks great on natural lashes but if you are a bride that wants the fullness of a strip lash/individual lash set. It is hard to apply the false lashes once the natural lash has had a lash lift. (if you are unsure about this we can discuss it at your trial or prior).

What should you wear?

It’s important to think about what style of top you choose to wear for your makeup trial. Imagine trying to envisage your soft and romantic bridal makeup look with a neon hoodie! Pretty distracting right? Opt for a Neutral top. It doesn’t have to be ivory but just as long as the colour is soft it won’t be too distracting and will complement the makeup. You will really get to feel it coming together especially if you are able to style your hair similar to how you plan to dress it on the wedding day.

Who will you bring?

Who are you bringing with you to the trial? It goes without saying that you want someone there that you know will be supportive, give kind and honest opinions and who will enjoy the experience. If any members of your bridal party are also having a trial the above info also applies to them as well. Obviously they are there to feel and look beautiful but most importantly to compliment you, the bride. Not overshadow you.

What is your vibe?

If there is a specific way you like your makeup done really sharp bold eyeliner? Or products that you couldn’t live without?  Feel free to come wearing that part of your makeup so the artist can see how you like it to be done. Bring products that you love using if you want to include it in your wedding makeup or a colour that you love or I may have something in my makeup armour that is comparable.

I know it’s exciting when you get things booked in but there is no need to rush booking your consultation in, especially if it’s a year or more until you get married.

However if having your makeup applied by a stranger makes you feel anxious you should request an early trial to put your mind at ease and then book another ‘refresher’ trial closer to the wedding date.

alternative bridal makeup artist
Alternative bridal makeup trial
alternative bridal makeup
Helen's final look on the wedding day.
2020 bridal makeup trends

2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

2020 is the year of individuality. I have been in the wedding industry for a long time and it is evolving. This means brides are no longer pressured to find a style that is pigeon-holed into the ‘traditional’ or ‘boho’ category. 

Brides are inclined to create a mood for their wedding instead of following a particular trend.

With that in mind I am finding more brides want to feel relaxed and create a beauty look which feels like them on a really good day… Actually on a really awesome day! 

Here are my predictions for the bridal makeup trends in 2020

Heavy contour and insta brow trends are no longer in everyone

kent wedding awards 2015

Award Winning Makeup Artist

Award Winning Makeup Artist

The Kent Wedding Awards 2015 was back in November, I wasn’t able to attend this year because I was at my last NCT class… and I don’t think I would have been able to stay awake past the sit-down meal. Unfortunately last year I didn’t go either because I was on my mini-moon as I had just got married – Wow what a year its been!

I love to be part of events like this, chatting and networking with other wedding professionals that you don’t normally get to have a ‘proper’ chat with, because you are always zoned in working hard. I am the person that hates missing out but I was fine with it this year due to my sheer exhaustion of finishing up work and cooking this baby! Imagine my surprise when I sent out a text to friends that were attending, only to be told that my name had been called.

I was the winner of the Wedding Beauty Award!!! I was over the moon and celebrated with a cup of tea and pack of biscuits (remember I am pregnant lol). Next year I will be making up for it!!

This year has been pretty hard, but work has been a wonderful distraction to all of the other things going on in my life. Winning this award has made it a lovely end to this crazy year and I am looking forward to having a little rest… having our baby (apparently not going to be a rest) and then meeting lots of new brides in the new year!!

Kent Wedding Awards Certificate lucy Jayne Makeup

award winning makeup artist lucy jaynekent wedding awards 2015 winner lucy jayne makeup

The Kent Wedding Awards

The Awards Feature in A Kentish Ceremony Magazine

2016 wedding industry awards

The 2016 Wedding Industry Awards

Getting recognition for doing something you absolutely adore is such a wonderful feeling! I was nominated by one of my brides for the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards. I thought I would apply and see how far I could get! The awards for this area cover the whole of the South East (this includes London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent) so I knew the competition would be really tough being amongst some fab MUA’s.

I couldn’t believe it but I was shortlisted as a Regional Finalist (thanks to my bride’s votes and kind words) so myself and my mum went to the awards ceremony to do some networking. Keeping everything crossed that I might win and not go into labour at the same time. Lol!

wedding industry awards

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to be a winner this year, but the ladies that did (I.D. Beauty/Sussex) were so good, it was well deserved.

wedding industry awards regional finalist

Here is what it’s all about for me when my name wasn’t called I didn’t feel sad – I was so excited. I knew that I would now be able to access the incredible testimonials that my brides had given me and I couldn’t wait!!

Here is what they thought about me and my service as a makeup artist on their special day. This is why I

Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie

Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie

My last fashion makeup job pre maternity leave was with my fave – Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie, shooting for their Winter Luxe Collection. It’s always so much fun working with a lovely girly team so with the edition of one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten, was a damn good day at the office! Saying that it might not have been the best thing to be working on when you are the size of a small house with a beautiful pixie-like model, casually frolicking in on a freshly made bed…

All I can say is thank god for the cake – I can worry about my post baby body goals another day lol!

lucy jayne makeup baby bump

I am lucky enough to work with this brand a lot and is my first recommendation when my brides are looking for something a bit special in the bridal lingerie department.

In fact I was adorned with beautiful Ell and Cee goodies on my wedding day last November and it made me feel so glamorous getting ready for my wedding prep. Here are a few piccies… Ah the memories!

Ell and cee silk gown
ell and cee silk dressing gown
ell and cee garter
ell and cee bespoke silk knickers

Back to the shoot & fabulous bridal lingerie…..

“Ell & Cee is a luxe British Lingerie & Lounge brand. The signature look is deliciously feminine with a modern bohemian edge. Garments are made from the finest silks and chiffons to ensure the best quality and are manufactured in the UK

gold wedding dress wilden bride

Bridal Inspiration: My Gorgeous Gold Wedding Dress!! (2014)

The gold wedding dress

From the very start, I knew that my dress would have to have some sequin embellishment. Until we viewed our venue we were planning a summer wedding, potentially in Spain (quite the contrast to our actual wedding) but my dad was quite poorly so we knew to do it abroad wasn’t an option.

This was totally fine because as soon as we had the tour of our wedding venue we fell in love with how cool it was and we knew it would be wasted if we did it in the summer. We felt that the charm of The Bell Inn (eclectic country pub) would be more suited to a winter setting with the log fires and candles burning… And plenty of twinkly fairy lights thrown in!!

I imagine that if our wedding had been on a beach in Spain I would have opted for a floaty boho dress. However, being a winter wedding my style is a bit more glam so the dresses I was drawn to were Sarah Seven and Ellie Saab – Quite fitted but floaty and a lot of sequin embellishment. In 2014 This style of dress was quite hard to come by unless you are a chic American bride on Pinterest, apparently!

Luckily I met Charlotte of Wilden London at a bridal photoshoot last summer and we talked about my dress ideas. When I left I started to think about it and realised I wouldn’t be able to find this imaginary gold wedding dress I had dreamt up.

I got in touch with Charlotte and the creation of the sequin gold wedding dress started there!…

Wedding Dress inspiration

The design process was lovely, Charlotte and I shared inspiration on secret Pinterest boards and she sketched different style dresses with all of the elements I wanted. It had to be gold with a low back and a1920s spin. From her designs, I picked the elements I liked and she started creating.

The dress fitting was a real treat and something I really looked forward to. Getting my bridal tribe together and travelling to charlottes little studio in Epsom was just lovely. Seeing the process of my dream dress being created step-by-step was very special and an experience I will treasure. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous not seeing the finished article until a week or two before the wedding but I had to ‘go with it’. When I went for that final fitting it was just bloody perfect and everything I had dreamt it would be!

Wedding dress

The way I see it (and this is what I tell all of my brides) it’s the one day where you will be THIS glamorous, if you are going to do it you might as well go for it!! My fianc