My Wedding Skin Diary

My impending wedding day is getting very close and, in my experience as a wedding makeup artist one if the main worries I encounter from my brides is troublesome skin and what skin care should they use. As an adult that has suffered with acne this is certainly something I can completely relate to. ANY event, occasion, this is always my main worry so considering my big day is just under 2 months away, I am feeling the pressure and feel like what I am doing isn’t working!

I have had plenty of stress and worry in the run up to my wedding to know that there are more important things to stress about… But still this is something that I can try to control and make the best of it.

Starting from today:

I know what terrible skin is (here is my post from when my skin was really bad) and at the moment my skin isn’t terrible. The trouble I am having is my hormones, stress levels, and picking the blighter’s! Every day I will have one or two spots but when I am hormonal my chin and sometimes my cheeks erupt in nasty cysts or whiteheads and when I am stressed my back then decides to join in and before I know it I have spots spreading from my shoulder blades, to my neck and hairline. Not the best bridal look if I am intending on wearing my hair up!

What I try to tell my brides is don’t do anything crazy, don’t try new fancy products, and whilst there is time look into antibiotic creams, don’t pick, don’t squeeze…. I think it’s time I worked on my willpower and I start listening to my own advise.

My stress levels have calmed down a bit and with that my back acne has too. I would find myself picking and scratching my back without even realising!! This obviously caused a bit if scarring and spread bacteria so the spots kept coming back. I made sure I exfoliated my back with a face cloth and my cleanser, and would then moisturise it. It seems silly but I neglected my back because I couldn’t see it. As soon as I started to treat my back in the same way as my face it began to clear up. I would also apply my antibiotic cream at night.

In the last two months I have started noting my bad skin days in a diary and I think this has helped understand my skins behaviour better than ever. My skin is at its worst in the week and a half before my period, fizzling out during and a few days after. Mainly on my chin, but a few nasty ones pop up on my forehead and cheeks.

I use an antibiotic differin cream at night and this helps control my skin (I may go back to my GP to find out if there is anything else I can use for during the day) every little helps eh!

Morning and night I use Bioderma Sebium Foam Cleanser and moisturise my face and body with Aqueous Cream (it’s a simple non-comedogenic emollient).

Morning I use the above but before applying my moisturiser I apply ARK’s Skin Defence Regenerating Serum. It containers lots of essential vitamins, antioxidants and lipids that regenerate and renew the skin. One of the key ingredients is Allantoin which soothes, heals and repairs damaged skin and scaring. This has helped with my leftover acne scarring.

I have recently found out that I am product sensitive so as a makeup artist this makes things a little tricky! I do try to stick with what works for me, but I do love to try new products. A few weeks ago I purchased all new skin care products, (all premium brands) a cleanser, moisturised, mask and exfoliator. After using these lovely products for a week my skin became dry, flaky and the many, many spots that followed took a long time to go! Needless to say I stopped using them straight away and I will carry on using what I was using before… If it’s not broke why try to fix it? When you have skin like me, it seems like a great idea to do some pre wedding pampering but in reality I need to tread carefully.

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Here are my tips for better skin!

Over cleansing strips natural oils which leads to over production of sebum, blocking pores making acne worse. Try using gentle cleansers like Bioderma Sebum control or if that’s too much opt for a hyper sensitive cleanser like Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser.

If you are having a breakout, and you are finding it hard to manage its time to book an option tent with your GP. Ask for Duac, it’s an antibiotic cream that breaks down comadones or Differin, this is a retinoid cream used at night that increases cell renewal and prevents pores from clogging (this is what I use). In extreme cases you may need antibiotics in tablet form, and be patient it won’t work over night sometimes it can take over a month for you to start seeing results but it will be worth the wait.

Scrubs and face masks.
It’s better to keep things simple so don’t use anything that could aggravate your skin. It may be better to stick with cleansing and moisturiser but an exception and one of the gentlest exfolianters I have found and love using is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant it’s gentle enough to use everyday and contains salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter.

Don’t be afraid of moisturising, if you don’t your sebaceous glands will have to work harder to hydrate your skin and as a result your skin may become oily and shiny. Go for a moisturiser that works with your skin.

Facials are great but if they are too indulgent it may have the opposite effect when you break out from the products and massage. Instead go for a no nonsense treatment that will help clear up acne (also it’s better to book a course of 4-6 treatments as you may not see the benefit from a one off) try a course of salicylic acid peels. It removes comadones and dead skin cells.

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My skin when its looking good! (Natural makeup)

Painful spots and cystic acne

My skin when its looking its worst. Painful spots and cystic acne (no makeup)