Vintage and Special Occasion Makeup Course

Vintage and Special Occasion Makeup Course

The Vintage and special occasion makeup course is for those who feel like they’ve mastered the basics, this course is ideal for extending your current experience with different makeup techniques – focusing on vintage styles and occasion makeup. It's a great follow on to The Art of Bridal Beauty Course!


Course description

This is a two day accredited course and will enable you to have an insight into the application of glamorous and vintage makeup looks. Demonstrated by Lucy Jayne you will learn how to create, glamorous and vintage inspired looks fit for the red carpet! You will learn the different makeup techniques needed for each look before practicing each look on your model or classmate and with the experience you have gained create an amazing final makeup look of your choice.


What the course covers


Product knowledge

Skin prep & analysis

Glamorous makeup application

20s vintage makeup application

40s vintage makeup application

Lash application (individual lash & strip lash)

Glitter application



All makeup products and disposables will be suppled at the academy. You will also be presented with a goddie bag! Every makeup artist needs a great set of brushes. If you have your own that’s great otherwise there is a course kit you can purchase for £50 this will include a quality set of brushes. Other items you will need is pen and camera (or camera phone) to photograph your makeup. You will be provided with an information book, coursework and refreshments. Lunch is not provided.

*Students required to work on each other for the first 3 days and on the final day bring their own models - contact Lucy Jayne if this is an issue*


Course dates

(2 days over 2 weeks)

16th & 23rd September 2018

Course cost


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