Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy FAQ’s

Q. Will Lucy Jayne be teaching us?

A. Yes, unless she is unable to due to sickness, in which case the course will be rescheduled.

Q. Do I need prior experience?

A. No, experience is not essential just a passion for bridal makeup! 

Q. Will the course teach me all I need to know?

A. The courses are great as a starting point for budding makeup artists or for established makeup artists to update their skills, but as a makeup artist you are always learning.

Q. Will I be able to start work as a makeup artist straight away?

A. It depends on your prior experience and confidence but if you have the determination there is nothing to stop you.

Q. Will there be any support or help after the course is completed?

A. Of course, you will always be welcome at the Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy if you ever need advise or support. It would also be great to hear from you to celebrate your successes as you embark into your makeup career.

Q. What qualification will I get from the course?

A. You will receive a Professional Beauty accredited diploma certificate on completion of the course. Professional Beauty have assessed the courses and teaching methods at the Lucy Jayne makeup Academy and have approved our courses to be insured. As a makeup artist the most important thing is your portfolio so don’t forget to photograph your makeup looks!

Q. How many other students will there be?

A. It will be small classes so there won’t be more than 6.

Q. How old do I need to be to start the course?

A. The starting age is 16!

Q. What is included in the college kit and do I have to buy it?

A. The brush kit comes in a 10 pocket brush wallet containing: 11 Piece PROFESSIONAL Brush Set; Large Powder Brush, Small Powder Brush, Large Contour Brush, Super Blender, Shadow Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Lip Brush, Sable Lip Contour Brush, Sable Eyeliner Brush, Nylon Lip/Concealer Brush, Eyebrow Brush with Comb.
This kit also includes a Pack of 25 Disposable lip brushes, a Pack of 25 Disposable eyeliner brushes, a Pack of 25 Disposable mascara, a Pack of 25 Disposable applicator pads, a Pack of 8 Cosmetic wedges and a Round make-up palette with mixing wells. (Brush kit subject to change depending on availability)

You don’t have to purchase the kit but you will need a professional set of brushes with disposable mascara wands. Please feel free to contact Lucy Jayne if you are unsure.

Q. Where is the Bridal Makeup Academy?

A. The Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy is located in the picturesque coastal location of Herne Bay in Kent.

Q. Why do I need to bring a model?

A. The courses are mainly practical so you will need to practice what you have learnt on a real face. Professional models are not necessary but a lovely friend or relative that would be happy to help you out will be great. If there are even numbers on the course you are able to work as a pair with a classmate but as you will have to wait for the other person to take their turn it may take twice as long. Having your own model will mean being able to create more looks/having more time.

Q. What happens if I can’t bring a model?

A. You are able to work on a classmate if there are even numbers or I can source a model but there will be an additional fee.

Q. What do I need to pay to book the course?

A. Lucy Jayne requires 100% of the course fee at the time of booking. Payment can be made via  direct debit. If for any reason there is a cancellation of the course you are booked on you will receive a full refund or offered the option to defer to another date. If you are unable to attend the course your place can be deferred to another date. If you need to cancel all courses are non refundable. The Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy will endeavour to give students at least 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation.