Lucy Jayne Makeup Artistry Team

Lucy Jayne Makeup Artistry Team

I am pleased that I can now offer my bridal clients a little more. I have come to the realisation that I really hate disappointing people (i’m not a fan of this at all!) I thought it made sense to have someone on hand to recommend for weddings where I need assisting but especially for brides that want to book me when I have already been booked! Jade is part of my MU Artistry Team and is a fabulously talented makeup artist. Not only do I like to personally train makeup artists that are part of my team, but she has also been assisting me on various weddings and photoshoots for years. I have rather high standards…. and rightly so! She’s great!

My Makeup Artistry Team have been chosen because of their professionalism and attention to detail. Their talent of applying beautiful makeup, industry understanding and beauty knowledge means that my high standards are met. I am confident that you will have the quality bridal service you deserve.

Let me introduce you to Jade…

Lucy Jayne Artistry Team

Tell us a bit about yourself and how it all began?

I have always been a lover of makeup and beauty from a young girl. I grew up with my older cousins who were a massive influence on me. They would sneak me up to their room and apply probably far too much makeup for my age but I would be in my element.

Fast forward a few years and so during my GCSE’s and A-levels I took art, I’ve always found that I’ve had a natural artistic flare which of course comes in very useful with my job creating something that is original.

Nearing the end of my Business Studies Degree at university I’d become even more fascinated by the make up industry. I began searching for courses that would give me a further understanding of makeup application and its history. I decided upon The London School of Makeup and Beauty. I loved every minute of it. Until that time everything I had learnt had been self taught. I have also learnt about applying individual semi permanent lashes.

Since then I have been involved in photo-shoots, portraits, beauty and bridal makeup in order to learn and gain experience from every angle of the make up industry.

What do you love most about what you do?

Firstly I love the fact that it doesn’t feel like a job. Its something I’m passionate about, which ultimately is my key driver to being successful and I think this shows through my work.

Secondly the lovely people I get to meet, listening to plans of their wedding or their big night out buzzing with excitement. Ultimately I love watching my client when they look in the mirror and have a massive smile on their face. I love that you can see that they are oozing with confidence. It’s a great feeling making someone feel amazing and beautiful.

How do you describe your style and how are you different?

My style varies depending on the type of makeup required and the event it is intended for. I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with colour, giving drama, creating a look that is perhaps bold and daring.

However, my roots always take me back to the classic romantic style of makeup. In line with the old fashioned saying sometimes “less is more.”

What makes me different? – I am a young adult, I understand the need for a sense of professionalism but I also understand the importance of needing a sense of fun, laughter and personality to the occasion. Making it a happy memorable time. No one wants a moody makeup artist with zero personality that clock watches.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am a massive fan of Pinterest. I can spend hours searching through categories. It allows me the freedom and creativity to find an idea and make it my own.

I have always been someone that loves having and keeping memories and take photos to look back on and adapt to the latest trends.

I also find it is a useful tool for clients that are unsure of the look they are after. Together we can collect various makeup styles and create a look that best suits their personal style.

I also find inspiration looking through beauty blogs, the latest trends, catwalks all of which hold useful information about fashion/ makeup/ beauty trends that are the latest craze or soon will be!

All these things enable me to broaden my knowledge and experiment with different looks and products.

What do you love most about being a bridal makeup artist?

I love the elegance and romance of bridal beauty. Creating a look that is trendy yet classical, timeless.

I love being apart of my client’s special day. The morning of the wedding is so much fun, exciting, everyone is being pampered, and a cheeky bucks fizz always goes down a treat!!

Ultimately I love painting their faces. Creating a makeup look that brings out the natural beauty of the bride. Creating flawless makeup that makes her feel and look amazing on her very special day.

I love the confidence makeup gives and it’s a really rewarding feeling knowing that a bride is smiling in the mirror because of my work.

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If you are interested in booking Jade here is the link to her page MU Artist Jade