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  • Inside Out Beauty Event at LFW

  • I am relatively new to blogging so it was a lovely surprise to be invited to the London Grace Belgravia for an exclusive ‘Inside Out Beauty’ press event with ARK Skincare and The Elixir Clinic.

    I am already aware of the Skincare brand as I have quite a few ARK products in my professional kit. I love what this unique brand represents, everyone’s skin is completely individual and the products are prescribed to target your personal skin concearns. I have been using their Age Prepare, Age Maintain and Age Repair moisturisers on my bridal clients.

    ARK’s Ethos
    “ARK Age Aware Skincare is a revolutionary way if treating your skin through every life stage. We don’t believe in skin types at ARK. You’re unique and so is your skin. Skin reflects lifestyle choices, stress levels and hormonal changes. The products your skin needs to look its best will be unique to you, different to those of your best friend, daughter and mother.
    Our Skincare is prescribed by skin age as we know there are two key periods in the ageing process when a dramatic shift in hormones production changes the way the body works.”

    Amazing ARK goody bag!

    Amazing products in the ARK goody bag!

    The Elixir Clinic was something completely new to me. I have heard of various Celebs and Supermodels having detox infusions through a drip, and when I have seen their Instagram and Twitter photos it looks quite extreme. Like they are getting ready for an operation! After talking to the specialists and Co-founder this eradicated my ignorance and helped my greater understanding of what it does and how it benefits your long term health.

    The clinics IV infusions range from a bespoke combination of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that detox, help with fatigue, aid weight loss, help anti ageing, hair loss, and improves skin condition… And this is only the tip of the iceberg!
    Infusions are the administration of nutrients by intravenous delivery and is used to help treat a broad spectrum of health conditions while aiding nutrition and the immune system. The key benefit of intravenous administration over creams and supplements are that your body can only absorb 0-10%, whereas when its IV your body absorbs 100% of the good stuff so you will really benefit in the long term.

    “The Elixir Clinic believe and seek to deliver to our clients “inside out” beauty. With the newest ideas for long term health and well-being. The Vitamins Infusions are the most effective, as a natural and safe detox method for sustaining the long-term well-being.”


    inside out beauty

    It was great meeting other fashion and beauty bloggers!



    The Elixir Clinic

    ARK Age Aware Skincare


  • Beauty on the Beach - Sea Bathing Machine!

  • I feel like its been so long since my last blog post… Blame it on crazy wedding season! My other half is watching the Football (yawn!) so I thought I would bring something very cool to your attention!!

    I live on the coast and feel very lucky that I do, especially as the beach is such a novelty to all of my clients that come to my home. Every time they ask ‘How close are we to the beach?’ and ‘We have to make the most of being by the seaside and get fish and chips’ I love it!

    My neighbouring towns are Whitstable on one side and Margate on the other, both very iconic seaside destinations. 

    In Margate there is a lovely seaweed and perfume brand Haeckels and they’re working on a project to raise £30,000 in order to build the worlds first sea bathing sauna machine!!

    Sea bathing sauna machine margate

    They have taken the heritage of Margate’s sea bathing machines and fused it with a state of the art sauna and treatment room; in essence this will be a mobile spa where users can use the sea as a plunge pool.

    The machine itself is not for the benefit of Haeckels it will be a stand-alone unit to create interesting jobs for locals and create a moveable shore side space for local practitioners to rent.

    The idea is of Dom Bridge’s who runs and owns ‘Haeckels’, a seaweed skincare and perfume business.

    Mr Bridges says, “The knowledge of the health benefits of the Margate coast and seawater has been lost and forgotten about since its Victorian heyday.

    “By reminding the town of its rich health-based heritage, we think that we will encourage regeneration and give a spark to the community that could to bringing the town back to a mecca of natural health.

    “Being run by members of the community is important to us as it means that the profits will go back into the local economy which could mean that by creating the sea bathing machine the locals will have more employment, prospects and an improved outlook on where they live.”

    Mr Bridges has commissioned a local architect and carpenter to design and construct the machine which should be ready next summer.

    For more information or make a pledge, visit the Sea Bathing Machine Sauna Kickstarter page.

    30,000 pledges of £1 gets us there or 3,000 pledges of £10 every penny counts so please get involved and lets give Margate another amazing attraction!

    Kent Margate sea bathing machine

  • Chic Bridal Makeup

  • Their are so many brides that are inspiring me at the moment. I am getting ready for my own wedding day in November and I must say that I am loving my job at the moment. I love it anyway but when I can talk weddings and get ideas from my cool brides, it makes it so much more fun.

    I am keeping my wedding ideas quite secret (don’t worry I will be shouting about it once its happened!) but for now here is one of my recent weddings that I absolutely adore. Bride Sarah was effortlessly chic and was so much fun. Her excitement and joy was captured perfectly by Benjamin Toms (who is also my wedding photographer) he took the most beautiful photos of her big day. 

    I still haven’t decided on my own hair and makeup and yes I will be doing my bridal makeup, but I think timeless with a hint of glamour is always a good look! Watch this space…

    Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup

    Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup photography by benjamin toms Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup photography by benjamin toms Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup photography by benjamin toms Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup photography by benjamin toms Glamorous bridal makeup by lucy jayne makeup photography by benjamin toms


    You should check out Ben’s portfolio if you are looking into the perfect wedding photographer!

  • Prom Makeup - Time to Get Glam!

  • prom makeup in kent

    Prom is just around the corner… Are you ready for camera flashes, smiles, and make-up touch up’s? This is the last big party before you say goodbye to your school friends and hello to the next big adventure. Ladies this is something that needs to be done in style!

    So you have gone through your checklist: You have the perfect dress and shoes, got a hot date, the transport is sorted so what else?? Oh that’s right you need to sort out your makeup! The glamorous look that you want to rock will look amazing, if done properly. Here are my must have products for the perfect glam prom look:

    prom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artist

    If you are still not that confident applying your own makeup why not book a makeup artist for that hollywood star treatment?!

    Feel like a glamour-puss and be #selfie ready:

    Prom Makeup for only £35.00

    Discounts available for group bookings!

    *This price includes a free sample of lipstick and strip lashes.


    Prom Makeup Inspiration:

    prom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup artistprom makeup in kent by lucy jayne makeup