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  • Modern 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Modern 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    The emphasis of this look is all about the bold feline flick eyeliner, full dramatic lashes and natural eyebrows, its such a chic style that oozes that ‘Mad Men’ coolness. The skin should be kept minimalistic with a fresh dewy finish and back in the 60s the lips were normally kept nude – sometimes blocked out with foundation. For this retro bridal look I wanted to give it a modern twist by adding a pop of colour to the lips with a matt pastel pink lipstick.


    Create a neutral eye shadow base by applying a matt cream eye shadow. This helps prime the eye for the eyeliner application.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial

Using a cream eyeliner and a fine eyeliner brush apply the eyeliner first from the outer edge of the top lash in a straight line. Extend this line by approximately 1 cm, then do the same on the other eye.

    I used Maybelline Black Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner £7.99

    Crown Brush Mini Eyeliner Brush £1.69

    1960s makeup tutorialSweep the liner along the lash line until you meet the end point, filling in any gaps.

    With this technique less is more! Use a tiny bit at a time and keep adding to build up the size of your kitten flick. Use too much at once and it can get messy and you can have uneven sized eyeliner flicks.

    1960s makeup tutorial

    Using a strip lash that compliments this style (I like to use a lash that gets longer towards to outer edges to give a real doe eyed effect) firstly fit the lash to your natural lash line, and trim the access from the outer corner of the strip.

    I used Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes £5.49

    Duo Striplash Adhesive ‘Dark Tone’ £8.39

    how to apply a strip lash
    Apply eyelash glue across the band and wait until it becomes tacky.

    how to apply strip lashes

    Using tweezers to hold the lash, press the lash into your upper lash line and hold into place until the glue has dried.

    1960s makeup tutorial

    To finish this look, add a pop of colour to the lips to give a modern twist.

    I used MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid £15.50

    The final modern 60s bridal look!

    1960s bridal makeup tutorial

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    Model: Laura Elliot

  • Bohemian 1970s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Bohemian 1970s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    This is a great look for brides that prefer a more natural bohemian feel to their makeup and definitely one of 2015’s key summer trends. The main focus is on the eyes, and although the shadow is subtle the soft earthy tones buffed into the socket finished with strip lashes give a real doe-eyed effect.  The skin should be kept fresh with a light weight foundation and bronzer to add that beachy sun kissed feel. 


    Start by applying a fawn toned shadow to the eyelid.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork £15.50

    The brush I used was Crown Brush Firm Shadow £4.59

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Eyeliner was another important tool in 70s makeup but to keep it more natural apply a brown cream liner along the lash line and then soften with the eyeshadow brush, extending it a little towards the outer lash line.

    I used Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown £7.99

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Build up the eye shadow colour but try to keep to natural and earthy tones. Blend a deeper taupe from the centre of the eyelid to the outer corner.

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Next blend a deeper shade of brown into the socket line and a little under the bottom lashes.

    I Used Seventeen ‘Peep Show’ Palette (no longer available). A great alternative is Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in ‘Forest’ £32.00

    The socket brush was Crown Brush Deluxe Crease £3.49

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    TIP: Build up the colour slowly as you don’t want the eye shadow to look too heavy.

    Using a strip lash that compliments this style, normally I would opt for natural looking lash that is thicker at the base (for a Brigitte Bardot look) and has a natural finish. Fit the lash to your natural lash line, and trim the access from the outer corner of the strip.

    I used Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes £5.49

    how to apply a strip lash

    Duo Striplash Adhesive ‘Dark Tone’ £8.39

    Using tweezers to hold the lash, press the lash into your upper lash line and hold into place until the glue has dried.

    how to apply strip lashes

    Instead of blush opt for a bronzer to create a tanned look. Use a natural-looking bronzer to achieve the effect as this gives the skin a healthy glow.

    I used Illamasqua Bronzing Duo £26.00

    Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Apply the bronzer anywhere on the face where the sun would naturally hit it. Sweep it from the forehead, to the cheeks, a little across the nose and then down to the chin.

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    TIP: The soft shape you create should be like you are tracing the number 3, but if it starts to look like the number 3, its too heavy and you have applied way too much bronzer!

    To give that real fresh feel, finish the look with a nude lipstick or a frosted translucent gloss. For that real Boho look avoid lip liner and keep the lips as natural as possible.

    I Used Illamasqua Sheer Lip Gloss in Opulent £16.50

    Ta-Da!… The finished Boho 70s Bridal Look!!

    1970s bridal makeup tutorial

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    Model: Laura Elliot




  • Contemporary 1920s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Contemporary 1920s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    The 20s is one of my favourite eras when it comes to make up as I love a bolder lip and a bit of sparkle. It’s a great look for winter brides and if you don’t feel brave enough to wear a really dark lipstick opt for a lip stain instead for a softer look. 

    Here is my simple step-by-step tutorial including the products I used to create this look.


    First apply a nude matt cream shadow, from the lash line up to the brow bone to create a neutral base.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    Using a champagne cream shadow apply over the eyelid, stopping just above the socket.

    I used Vintage Selection Paint Pot by MAC £15.50

    20s bridal makeup lucy jayne

    TIP: To create better adhesion for loose glitter use a cream eye shadow

    Cover the cheeks with a tissue to prevent the loose glitter from dropping onto your cheeks and getting messy and for a more contemporary look keep the glitter simple!

    I used MAC Glitter ‘Reflects Pearl’ £17.00

    20s bridal makeup lucy jayne

    Line the lips with a darker lip liner to create a precise shape and this will also prevent the lipstick from ‘bleeding’.

    I used MAC Lip Pencil in Spice £12.50

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    Tip: To keep your lipstick lasting longer, colour in your lips with the lip pencil

    Using a lip brush apply a berry toned lipstick which is key for the 20s trend

    I used MAC Lipstick in Rebel £15.50

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    TIP: To keep you’re lipstick lasting as long as possible blot your lips with tissue then re-apply lipstick.

    Apply a deep pink blush for that ‘pinched cheek’ look

    I used MAC Powder Blush in Dollymix £18.00
    Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    Add a slick of gloss to finish this contemporary 1920s bridal look

    I used MAC’s Dazzleglass in Funtabulous £17.00

    20s bridal makeup tutorial

    Ta-Da the finished look!!

    1920s makeup inspiration

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    Model: Laura Elliot

  • Lucy Jayne Makeup Artistry Team

  • Lucy Jayne Makeup Artistry Team

    I am pleased that I can now offer my bridal clients a little more. I have come to the realisation that I really hate disappointing people (i’m not a fan of this at all!) I thought it made sense to have someone on hand to recommend for weddings where I need assisting but especially for brides that want to book me when I have already been booked! Jade is part of my MU Artistry Team and is a fabulously talented makeup artist. Not only do I like to personally train makeup artists that are part of my team, but she has also been assisting me on various weddings and photoshoots for years. I have rather high standards…. and rightly so! She’s great!

    My Makeup Artistry Team have been chosen because of their professionalism and attention to detail. Their talent of applying beautiful makeup, industry understanding and beauty knowledge means that my high standards are met. I am confident that you will have the quality bridal service you deserve.

    Let me introduce you to Jade…

    Lucy Jayne Artistry Team

    Tell us a bit about yourself and how it all began?

    I have always been a lover of makeup and beauty from a young girl. I grew up with my older cousins who were a massive influence on me. They would sneak me up to their room and apply probably far too much makeup for my age but I would be in my element.

    Fast forward a few years and so during my GCSE’s and A-levels I took art, I’ve always found that I’ve had a natural artistic flare which of course comes in very useful with my job creating something that is original.

    Nearing the end of my Business Studies Degree at university I’d become even more fascinated by the make up industry. I began searching for courses that would give me a further understanding of makeup application and its history. I decided upon The London School of Makeup and Beauty. I loved every minute of it. Until that time everything I had learnt had been self taught. I have also learnt about applying individual semi permanent lashes.

    Since then I have been involved in photo-shoots, portraits, beauty and bridal makeup in order to learn and gain experience from every angle of the make up industry.

    What do you love most about what you do?

    Firstly I love the fact that it doesn’t feel like a job. Its something I’m passionate about, which ultimately is my key driver to being successful and I think this shows through my work.

    Secondly the lovely people I get to meet, listening to plans of their wedding or their big night out buzzing with excitement. Ultimately I love watching my client when they look in the mirror and have a massive smile on their face. I love that you can see that they are oozing with confidence. It’s a great feeling making someone feel amazing and beautiful.

    How do you describe your style and how are you different?

    My style varies depending on the type of makeup required and the event it is intended for. I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with colour, giving drama, creating a look that is perhaps bold and daring.

    However, my roots always take me back to the classic romantic style of makeup. In line with the old fashioned saying sometimes “less is more.”

    What makes me different? – I am a young adult, I understand the need for a sense of professionalism but I also understand the importance of needing a sense of fun, laughter and personality to the occasion. Making it a happy memorable time. No one wants a moody makeup artist with zero personality that clock watches.

    Where do you find inspiration?

    I am a massive fan of Pinterest. I can spend hours searching through categories. It allows me the freedom and creativity to find an idea and make it my own.

    I have always been someone that loves having and keeping memories and take photos to look back on and adapt to the latest trends.

    I also find it is a useful tool for clients that are unsure of the look they are after. Together we can collect various makeup styles and create a look that best suits their personal style.

    I also find inspiration looking through beauty blogs, the latest trends, catwalks all of which hold useful information about fashion/ makeup/ beauty trends that are the latest craze or soon will be!

    All these things enable me to broaden my knowledge and experiment with different looks and products.

    What do you love most about being a bridal makeup artist?

    I love the elegance and romance of bridal beauty. Creating a look that is trendy yet classical, timeless.

    I love being apart of my client’s special day. The morning of the wedding is so much fun, exciting, everyone is being pampered, and a cheeky bucks fizz always goes down a treat!!

    Ultimately I love painting their faces. Creating a makeup look that brings out the natural beauty of the bride. Creating flawless makeup that makes her feel and look amazing on her very special day.

    I love the confidence makeup gives and it’s a really rewarding feeling knowing that a bride is smiling in the mirror because of my work.

    Jade sayer Bridal Makeup jade sayer makeup artist Jade Sayer Bridal Makeup Jade Sayer Makeup Artist


    If you are interested in booking Jade here is the link to her page MU Artist Jade

  • Very Vintage Wedding at Lympne Castle

  • I love it when I get to see my brides photos, and one in particular that I knew would be utterly gorgeous was Kerry! When we met at her trial it was apparent that her attention to detail was second to none, especially as she was making everything herself and her thrifty mum was collecting hundreds (may be a slight exaggeration!) of vintage tea pots for her afternoon tea. This was her choice of wedding breakfast and as a huge tea and cake lover I am a big fan of this idea! It was a December wedding at Lympne Castle and this vintage wedding theme was slightly on the festive side. I think if you are going to have a winter wedding – this is how you do it!

    As Kerry’s bridal style was vintage inspired, her makeup was too. Her skin was kept quite matt with medium to full coverage foundation in MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10, which is a perfect colour for her porcelain skin. To create that natural ‘just got in from the cold’ soft pink cheeks, I used a sweep of pastel pink blush in Well Dressed and for more intense colour I added a pop of a deeper pink on the apples of her cheeks in DollyMix. For Kerry’s eyes I used a combination of short and medium individual cluster lashes from Ardell to create a ‘sweeping’ flick effect that complimented her pretty eyeliner flicks in Blacktrack, and no vintage look is complete without the signature matt MAC Rubywoo red lips!

    This wedding was styled beautifully and if you saw it in a magazine you would think it was a wedding shoot or designed by a professional wedding stylist. This is why my brides are so cool!!!

    Enjoy this Christmassy wedding feast for the eyes…

    Rebecca Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - Rebecca Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Rebecca Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne MakeupLympne Castle Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Rebecca Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - Castle Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Rebecca Douglas Photography Lucy Jayne Makeup Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography -

    The stunning photos are by the very clever wedding photographer Rebecca Douglas

    Rebecca’s website

    Here is Rebecca’s blog post about James and Kerry’s Lympne Castle Wedding

  • Illamasqua Loose Powder Review

  • Illamasqua Loose Powder Review….

    It’s that time of year and a lot of things in my kit are running on empty. One of my favourite products is a translucent powder from another brand and sadly one item that I needed to buy. I don’t know about other makeup artists but I do get comfortable with products, I buy the same when I need to replenish my kit and I don’t tend to branch out. If its not broke why fix it? Right?

    After reading some fantastic reviews on Illamasqua’s website for the Loose Powder I thought I would give it a go. I felt that if it wasn’t as good as the translucent powder I already use it would find itself in my ‘surplus to requirements’ drawer.

    I used it today on myself and oh lordy, I am a little bit in love! It is so similar to the one I already use but if its possible, its even finer, so concealing and diffusing any imperfections whilst leaving my skin a nice amount of matt. It also smells amazing!

    illamasqua loose powder review
    illamasqua loose powder review

    On myself and especially when I am working with brides I prefer to use a loose translucent powder that is so fine it diffuses fine lines, large pores, mattifies the skin whilst holding everything in place (i’m not asking for much am I?). The Illamasqua Loose Powder certainly ticked all of these boxes without my skin feeling weighed down with heavy product. I think that when it comes to creating flawless base for my brides (or anyone for that matter) face powder should be invisible, it should be there for setting and finishing and not to create another layer of product so in my opinion translucent loose powder is the way to go!

    Here are a coupe of shots to illustrate how my skin looks today, (my skin is quite oily with fine lines and large pores) so its nice to see how well these products have lasted! The products I am using are: Foundation, Concealer, Setting powder, Bronzer, Mascara & Eyebrow Gel.

    illamasqua loose powder review

    Here is a close up after I applied the translucent powder.

    illamasqua loose powder review

    Fresh faced with wet hair! You can see an overall look of my skin after applying the powder at 8am.

    illamasqua loose powder review

    This is me at 4 o'clock. Skin looking fabulous, I haven't reapplied any makeup and my pores are still covered, skin is semi-matt and makeup in place! WIN!


     I can’t wait to use this on my bride and her bridal party tomorrow!!




  • Find Your True Skin Tone

  • To Find your true skin tone is one of the most important things you can do to achieve a flawless complexion. If you don’t know your skin tone, don’t worry: here are some easy ways to find out!

    What’s Your Type?

    Your skin tone can easily be assessed just by observing it after you’ve been in the sun. At one end of the spectrum, if your skin tends to burn very easily without tanning, you have pale or ivory skin; on the other end of the spectrum, mahogany and darker skin types will tan quickly without burning. In the middle, light brown or olive skin burns sometimes but achieves a gradual tan.

    Of course, remember that no matter what part of the spectrum you’re on, you should always wear sunscreen when heading outside! Just because you might not burn easily, it doesn’t mean the penetrating rays aren’t harmful.

    Are you Hot or Cold?

    Your skin’s undertone influences so much about your image: your foundation choices, colors that work well with your skin, and metals that you should wear when the need for jewellery shopping strikes.

    There are three undertones: cool, warm and neutral. If your undertone is cool, the veins on your wrist look blue, your skin has the tendency to turn pink after you are in the sun and it also burns easily. Choosing a foundation for a cool undertone is about picking a product that has a slightly blue, red or pink tinge so it will work with your skin. When wearing jewellery, you probably look your best with silver or platinum pieces.

    On the other hand, a warm undertone has veins on the wrist that look green and skin will turn brown in the sun. Wearing gold jewellery looks great on warm undertones. If this applies to you, you want a foundation that has a yellowish or golden tinge to it to flatter your complexion.

    Stuck in the Middle

    If your skin isn’t warm or cold, you could have a neutral tone. You might have veins that appear both blue and green, and you probably suit both gold and silver jewellery. A neutral shade of foundation often works best.

    When applying foundation, the last thing you want is to end up with stripes or makeup that doesn’t match your skin tone. Even if you know what your skin tone is, you should always test foundation properly. You can do this with the use of a Q-tip. Dab it into a foundation tester and then apply it to the middle of your jawline. If the color seems to vanish into your skin, you’ve found the perfect color match.

    Test the Tone

    If you’re still unsure about your skin tone, try this test:

    • Stand in front of the mirror.
    • Swipe your hair away from your face and tie it up so that it isn’t going to get in the way.
    • Take a beige and a white item of clothing and hold them in front of your face one at a time.
    • Which color looks better against your skin? If you tend to look better against the white, then you have a warm undertone. If beige is your color, then you have cooler undertones.

    Make a Splash with the Right Color

    Now that you know more about your skin tone, what colors work with it? If you don’t take your skin tone in consideration when choosing the colors you want to wear, this can cause them to clash against your skin.

    So, here’s a quick guide in choosing the most flattering shades:

    • Warm-toned skin tends to look good in colors that you would call warm, such as yellow, orange, as well as earthy tones like greens and browns.
    • Cool tones pop with colors such as green, blue, purple, and even pink.

    Sometimes it helps to have a makeup cheat sheet, enabling you to know what colors work with any and every skin tone (especially helpful on rushed mornings!). Top picks that flatter all skin tones include deep purple on your eyes, peach blush that brings youthful health to your complexion, gold on your eyes, and a sheer pink gloss that should be a staple in every woman’s makeup bag.

    Now you’re sorted when it comes to mastering your skin tone so you can look your best while flaunting gorgeous skin.

    Find Your True Skin Tone

  • Botox for the Wedding Day?

  • My Wedding Botox Review… In the run up to my wedding I didn’t really leave myself much time to have any pre wedding pampering. Time suddenly slips away and before you know it you are getting married next week! This was certainly the case for me. As you know from my previous posts that my main issue was my skin, and would it behave for the big day? It was hard and I was vigilant with my skin. Antibiotic cream in the morning, at night, herbal skin tablets, lots of water and I didn’t pick!! I also tried to go makeup free as much as possible before the run up too. 

    I treated my mum to some teeth whitening and whilst chatting to her aesthetic nurse I got to thinking about treating myself. All of the skin peels, dermabrasion or laser therapy were way to close to the big day and my skin was being so good I didn’t want to rock the boat and upset it. One little thing that had been getting to me were my frown lines… Now I know I’m not a wrinkled old prune yet but I hadn’t been wearing my glasses in prep for the big day and I started to become very aware of my frown lines that had been disguised by my glasses. I bought this up to Jo the Aesthetic Nurse and she reassured me that there was still time to have a little something done before the wedding day.

    Botox for the wedding day

    My pesky frown lines!

    wedding day botox

    Markers for where I would have Botox


    Immediately after Botox was applied. Little bit bumpy under the skin but it goes back to normal quickly.

    Botox is something that I have always been curious about and had many conversations with my brides about: Would I? Have they? Does it hurt? Will anyone notice?? Don’t get me wrong it’s not something that I have ever recommended to anyone but it’s always an interesting topic of conversation. I booked in my consultation with Jo and we discussed where I wanted to be ‘smoother’ and she explained what Botox did, the benefits and the procedure.

    Here is a bit of info about Botox: Botox is the brand name of botulinum toxin and has been used cosmetically for over 10 years, it is also used to treat some medical conditions. Botox is a purified protein which is injected into specific muscles to temporarily relax them.

    I had it injected in two areas – the forehead and in between my brows. The effect wasn’t immediate, it can take up to 10 days to take effect but mine started in 4. I must admit that I did feel panicky when one side took effect and the other was a bit slower! I had one very ‘expressive’ eyebrow, and of course something I didn’t want on the wedding day. Jo was just at the end of the phone and reassured me that because the muscles are a lot stronger on one side it would take a bit longer, and sure enough the next day my eyebrows stared to look a lot more even. Phew!!


    This photo cracks me up! This is me raising BOTH of my eyebrows

    natural Botox

    A couple of days later - very happy with the results and thank goodness my eyebrows are looking even. Hurrah!

    A week after the wedding I had a follow up appointment where Jo assessed my face and gave me a top up in any areas that needed it – I had a tiny bit in a really stubborn frown line.

    I was/am so happy with the result, it’s subtle enough that no one would notice but to me it made a huge difference!

    Benjamin Toms Photography Benjamin Toms PhotographyClick here for Jo’s details! 

  • January Wedding Makeup Competition!!


    Win Your Wedding Makeup by Me!

    It’s that time of year again and last years Wedding Makeup Competition was so much fun it would be rude not to do it again!!

    This competition prize is worth £150.00, and this also includes your consultation! If I get over 1000 Facebook likes you can win makeup for three members of your bridal party as well. This prize is worth £285!!!!


    ***Share any Facebook competition posts because if I get over 1000 likes, I will upgrade the prize – you will win BRIDE + BRIDAL PARTY MAKEUP***

    Good luck xxx

    T&C’s: Only applicable to 2015 brides. Existing bookings don’t apply. Maximum prize makeup x 4 (Bride trial & wedding day makeup, bridal party wedding day makeup only). Competition closes 31/01/15

    Click this link to my Facebook Competition => LUCY JAYNE MAKEUP

    For last years winner follow this link => WEDDING MAKEUP WINNER

  • My Wedding Skin Diary

  • My impending wedding day is getting very close and, in my experience as a wedding makeup artist one if the main worries I encounter from my brides is troublesome skin and what skin care should they use. As an adult that has suffered with acne this is certainly something I can completely relate to. ANY event, occasion, this is always my main worry so considering my big day is just under 2 months away, I am feeling the pressure and feel like what I am doing isn’t working!

    I have had plenty of stress and worry in the run up to my wedding to know that there are more important things to stress about… But still this is something that I can try to control and make the best of it.

    Starting from today:

    I know what terrible skin is (here is my post from when my skin was really bad) and at the moment my skin isn’t terrible. The trouble I am having is my hormones, stress levels, and picking the blighter’s! Every day I will have one or two spots but when I am hormonal my chin and sometimes my cheeks erupt in nasty cysts or whiteheads and when I am stressed my back then decides to join in and before I know it I have spots spreading from my shoulder blades, to my neck and hairline. Not the best bridal look if I am intending on wearing my hair up!

    What I try to tell my brides is don’t do anything crazy, don’t try new fancy products, and whilst there is time look into antibiotic creams, don’t pick, don’t squeeze…. I think it’s time I worked on my willpower and I start listening to my own advise.

    My stress levels have calmed down a bit and with that my back acne has too. I would find myself picking and scratching my back without even realising!! This obviously caused a bit if scarring and spread bacteria so the spots kept coming back. I made sure I exfoliated my back with a face cloth and my cleanser, and would then moisturise it. It seems silly but I neglected my back because I couldn’t see it. As soon as I started to treat my back in the same way as my face it began to clear up. I would also apply my antibiotic cream at night.

    In the last two months I have started noting my bad skin days in a diary and I think this has helped understand my skins behaviour better than ever. My skin is at its worst in the week and a half before my period, fizzling out during and a few days after. Mainly on my chin, but a few nasty ones pop up on my forehead and cheeks.

    I use an antibiotic differin cream at night and this helps control my skin (I may go back to my GP to find out if there is anything else I can use for during the day) every little helps eh!

    Morning and night I use Bioderma Sebium Foam Cleanser and moisturise my face and body with Aqueous Cream (it’s a simple non-comedogenic emollient).

    Morning I use the above but before applying my moisturiser I apply ARK’s Skin Defence Regenerating Serum. It containers lots of essential vitamins, antioxidants and lipids that regenerate and renew the skin. One of the key ingredients is Allantoin which soothes, heals and repairs damaged skin and scaring. This has helped with my leftover acne scarring.

    I have recently found out that I am product sensitive so as a makeup artist this makes things a little tricky! I do try to stick with what works for me, but I do love to try new products. A few weeks ago I purchased all new skin care products, (all premium brands) a cleanser, moisturised, mask and exfoliator. After using these lovely products for a week my skin became dry, flaky and the many, many spots that followed took a long time to go! Needless to say I stopped using them straight away and I will carry on using what I was using before… If it’s not broke why try to fix it? When you have skin like me, it seems like a great idea to do some pre wedding pampering but in reality I need to tread carefully.

    lucy jayne makeup skincare

    Here are my tips for better skin!

    Over cleansing strips natural oils which leads to over production of sebum, blocking pores making acne worse. Try using gentle cleansers like Bioderma Sebum control or if that’s too much opt for a hyper sensitive cleanser like Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser.

    If you are having a breakout, and you are finding it hard to manage its time to book an option tent with your GP. Ask for Duac, it’s an antibiotic cream that breaks down comadones or Differin, this is a retinoid cream used at night that increases cell renewal and prevents pores from clogging (this is what I use). In extreme cases you may need antibiotics in tablet form, and be patient it won’t work over night sometimes it can take over a month for you to start seeing results but it will be worth the wait.

    Scrubs and face masks.
    It’s better to keep things simple so don’t use anything that could aggravate your skin. It may be better to stick with cleansing and moisturiser but an exception and one of the gentlest exfolianters I have found and love using is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant it’s gentle enough to use everyday and contains salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter.

    Don’t be afraid of moisturising, if you don’t your sebaceous glands will have to work harder to hydrate your skin and as a result your skin may become oily and shiny. Go for a moisturiser that works with your skin.

    Facials are great but if they are too indulgent it may have the opposite effect when you break out from the products and massage. Instead go for a no nonsense treatment that will help clear up acne (also it’s better to book a course of 4-6 treatments as you may not see the benefit from a one off) try a course of salicylic acid peels. It removes comadones and dead skin cells.

    esqido strip lash review

    My skin when its looking good! (Natural makeup)

    Painful spots and cystic acne

    My skin when its looking its worst. Painful spots and cystic acne (no makeup)